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Unless you request otherwise, Gold Country Termite Control will be providing a pest/termite control treatment utilizing an EPA-registered product containing chlorpyrifos. EPA and pesticide manufacturers recently reached an agreement to phase out use of chlorpyrifos for certain types of pest/termite control treatments, including the type of treatment that we will be performing.

Gold Country Termite’s understanding is that the phase-out was not prompted by any new scientific data on chlorpyrifos, but instead, by EPA’s reassessment of that compound’s potential risks under the more stringent safety standards of the amended federal pesticide law. EPA has not determined that there is any sort of imminent threat to health as a result of continued use on chlorpyrifos products in accordance with their EPA-approved labeling. Instead, EPA has determined that chlorpyrifos can continue to be utilized for pest/termite control treatments until all existing stocks are depleted or certain phase-out dates are reached. If for any reason you do not want us to provide a pest/termite control treatment utilizing chlorpyrifos, we will respect your wishes and utilize an alternative EPA-registered product instead.

If you wish further information regarding Chlorpyrifos go to N.P.M.A. or the Pest Control Operators of California Inc., at 916-372-4363.

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